Bakary Bojang on life after Football

Life after football had never been easy, some opt to continue working with the beautiful game and others have the luxury option to work with something new to them but still dare to their heart. Even though some struggle after hanging the boots but not the case for Bakary Bojang.

In 2018 Bakary was tasked to lead the youth team of B71 Sandoy a club he once played for. He had to leave the Faroes Island to come back home to Odense due to family reasons.

He got the same contract as that of B71 Sandoy upon his return to Odense, which is situated in the southern region of Denmark. Bakary has lots of experience and knew the club Odense, and the board saw a potential and idea minded fellow which ticked their boxes for the ideal youth coach.

Bakary is now a personal coach and is running 1v1 skills football in the heart of Odense.

” I had the idea since I was playing,I used to do individual trainings. Lots of kids joined me so I decided to do it because some kids lack inspiration and motivation that’s how the idea came about. Even at school if you want to be the best, you have to go extra miles. Hire a private teacher, and why not do the same with football”?

With the age group of seven to 25, Bakary is not only teaching this kids about skills but also the mental fitness,the edge to know the game in and out.

Despite having a UEFA coaching B licence, the Bakoteh born is a Bachelor degree holder in Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as AP degree in marketing.

“When I realize you can’t play for life. I started to enrol for classes. I wanted to be involved in football world but jobs in football are not guarantee.”

Gambia calling?

“With good experience and after developing myself my dream is to help youth football development in the Gambia. Am praying for things to go well.Because the set up, education is off the hook and that’s where I want to get involved. It’s a big step, and I want to be sure but that’s the dream.”

“As a player you always have to focus and work hard. Even if you are disappointed you can still get a chance to prove yourself. During my playing career I took wrong decision that didn’t help, it didn’t pave the way for in my carrier. I was one of the biggest talents. I supposed to be the new star. I took wrong decision. I had ego, no matter how good you are stay humble. Agents, newspaper were after me and I stop working hard, all back fired.”

“When I left Denmark to England, I became mature and more professional and it was a changing moment. My mentally changed, I was alone and it made me push harder. I call it an eye opener you have to have another mentally. I thought that I was the best in Denmark, and it didn’t favour me.”

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